Company Profile

The idea for LallyGone, LLC was born out a professional engineer’s experience with homeowners’ increasing desire to maximize the living space they currently have and their mounting frustration with trying to work around clumsy and inconvenient support columns. Through a local builder, the engineer began removing Lally columns for customers as an aspect of larger remodeling/addition projects.

The demand for this service proved to be so strong and the results so impactful for the homeowner that a separate entity, LallyGone, LLC, emerged in 2007 with its sole focus on removing Lally columns.

LallyGone, LLC now has licensed contractors in several states who are well trained in the exclusive process developed by LallyGone engineers, and the business is expanding quickly.

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“Thank you for giving us the idea of removing the columns in our basement. My kids are enjoying their play room in ways they could not have before.” - Amanda, Summit

“I couldn’t believe what a difference it made to take out all of those Lally columns in our lower level…now I really have an amazing media room with no visual obstruction for my new flat screen TV.” - Tom, Chatham